I have been pursuing the illusive meaning of life for as long as I can remember. Maybe it started the first time I faced my own mortality. The neighborhood bullies caught me and my friend playing on the monkey bars at the elementary school, it was right across the street from my house, located on […]

The scriptures fascinate me in a way that is difficult to describe, but I’ll give it a try. I think it has to do with the rich symbolic language, the layer upon layer of meaning, and most importantly the way they challenge my way of thinking. The scriptures break down the fortress I’ve built around […]

I should be thankful for my life lessons not blameful. I think this is a good one to get down early in life. I benefit from a regular check in with God not the other way around. There is a beautiful Jesuit tradition that teaches one to seek God in all things, instead of focusing on selfish […]

There was a very old woman who lived in a small village and was known for her wisdom.  The children in town decided they were going to deceive the old woman and ruin her reputation.  A young boy caught a small bird, which he showed his young friends.  He said, “I will ask the old woman if […]


Have you ever observed the dawn’s early rise from the comfort of your bed, lingering under the warmth of the blankets, long after the sun has made a brilliant debut? This is my church and I worship these moments from the altar of my bed, believing at times, the aging French doors are my stained glass […]