I worry about the lack of rain, I heard it on the news, this is the first time in recorded history that no rain is predicted for the entire month of February in the Bay Area, but I remain optimistic despite the headlines, and carry my umbrella as if it weren’t so. Within me is […]

The research is clear, sometime around the age of 45 our brains unravel, and unfortunately our cognitive abilities start to decline. I don’t know about you but this freaks me out. We (baby boomers) are now struggling to find our wallets, keys, sunglasses, remember names, passwords, and connect new information to past experiences. Larry and […]


We exist in layers, and this makes understanding each other difficult, because often we only see one strata. If I were to ask you, the five defining stories of your life, what would they be? Maybe you would tell me about your family of origin, important traditions, meaningful relationships, and experiences that had a potent […]