I am settling into retirement as if a bull in the chute before a rodeo. All I can say is someone was a little overzealous with the flank strap.  All I do is run in circles creating dust, bucking the system, and getting nowhere.  Oh, and my cowboy, has been avidly vocalizing his displeasure with […]


  Can I tell you about my day? Good, because if I don’t let it out it’s going to escape in some other form, and at my age excessive flatulence is unbecoming. By midday I had written extra strength Tylenol on the grocery list three times. Most of you will agree, sheltering in place is […]


You’ve heard the adage bloom where you are planted? Well, that sort of rubbed me the wrong way, I started thinking about what kind of growth one should expect in the time of corona, with COVID for soil. And no fertilizer! My dad had a great sign that he staked in his garden, it said […]


A blog is like a snapchat in time, it appears, and within a short cycle is forgotten. It mimics the rhythm of our emotional life, the food one consumes, and the headlines. Unless Larry has said or done something memorable, I have no idea what I will be blogging about, until I open the page, and start writing. […]


I remember being awoken from a sound sleep, on the eighth floor of the Hyatt hotel, on January 17th, at about 4:30 in the morning. Someone was shaking the shit out of me, it was 1994, the morning of the devastating Northridge earthquake. Larry, my husband, was sleeping in the other room with two of our children, Julie and […]


Today I woke up feeling naive, like a recent graduate, who grabs her diploma, and walks unprepared into the big ugly world. It’s overwhelming, everyone wants something, and now it’s my responsibility to decide what to do. I am unable to delineate the good from the bad, so I get seduced by things that are bold, and […]

What I think about myself is often reflected in what I choose to notice about others. For example, if I’m feeling fluffy, I’ll notice everyone else’s fluff. If I’m feeling depressed, I gravitate towards people who prefer to frown. If I’m angry, everyone on the highway is a total asshole. Now on the other hand, if I’m […]


“I’m at an all time low,” Larry says as he moves across the bedroom, tucking his shirt into his jeans. “Everything is loose.” I’m leaning against a soft euro pillow, sipping lukewarm coffee, listening to a Krista Tippett interview, reading a few pieces from Dancing Naked in Fuzzy Red Slippers, when my attitude takes a sudden […]

“Sometimes we find hope in the deep, dark crevices of life.” This quote came from a novel I have been working on for years (embarrassed to say how many). It was my first attempt at writing. I don’t know what possessed me, but one day I  sat down at the computer, and started writing. I wrote […]