Sometimes you have a bad day. No one is to blame. Life happens. I’ve learned the only way to avoid falling into the deep, dark abbess of irritation is to hang on to the edge. Tight. Both hands. I have my “go to” places and my “go to” thoughts, but like the local black birds, […]

Technology, like cotton, has become the fabric of my life, and most of the time I feel brazenly naked. I assume I am just overwhelmed with the plethora of possibilities, but who knows, I could be an exhibitionist. When I walk into Macy’s, I feel the same overwhelming anxiety with all the choices, the designers, and the […]


I sit here sipping coffee, feeling like I’m parked at the drive-in theater, but it’s light out, and no one is smooching on me. I’m actually in my car, on my way to work, early Thursday morning. I have a few hours of work ahead of me and then we’re off to the lake for […]

Mother’s Day has come and gone. Coffee refills and back rubs are no longer available on demand. A raised eyebrow will not get the dishwasher emptied, the dog fed, or the bed made. Time to get back to reality and my dissonant relationship with housework. I propose a twenty percent increase in the days devoted […]

I think it is odd when one of my senses highjacks my day and becomes the lens for which everything else comes into focus. Just the other day I woke up and no one was home. Larry was traveling and Dante had already left for work. Other than my rather annoying pets the house was […]

In my mind I’m thinking, “Okay, there are four of us, and four of them, we can definitely take em.” But I remain totally silent, a stiff smile plastered across my face, on full alert. Somehow I landed on a pontoon boat, in the middle of Clearlake, with four complete strangers, four dogs, and no idea […]

It ends up the little things, those fleeting moments, aren’t so little after all? Sometimes I miss the significance of a small moment. I’m all wrapped up in my own concerns and completely miss the message being communicated. It has happened before, it will happen again, I even coach my future self to be on […]

“What are your thoughts on heaven and hell?” I get asked this question a lot, mostly because I teach religion, not so much because I’m known for my wisdom. I would either regurgitate the thoughts of some theologian du jour, summarize a remnant of catechesis from graduate school, theorize on current biblical scholarship, and likely […]

I live in Campbell. My house faces North, on a typical suburban road, where the homes are so tightly packed, I have to squeeze myself out of the neighborhood from time to time, like oil from tuna, in order to breath. James Dunham, of Campbell, our infamous serial killer, must of felt squeezed, when he murdered […]

I’m thinking about friendship today. It’s the most confounding concept imaginable. The idea that someone would pluck me out of obscurity and claim me as their own is rather cosmic. Who am I to deserve such a radical gift? This is how I understand friendship, someone who allows my fears to come busting into the […]