“Memory is a crazy woman that hoards colored rags and throws away food.” Austin O’Malley Early this morning I awake to a murder of crows hiding out in my magnolia tree probably trying to verify if the heady conspiracy of an extra garbage day is true or not. I listen to their crazy banter as […]


I am settling into retirement as if a bull in the chute before a rodeo. All I can say is someone was a little overzealous with the flank strap.  All I do is run in circles creating dust, bucking the system, and getting nowhere.  Oh, and my cowboy, has been avidly vocalizing his displeasure with […]


I was five when I overdosed on baby aspirin. It may have come about through imaginative play, irresponsible parenting, and a deeply unacknowledged need to heal ourselves, but nevertheless ipecac was required. I’m mortified to admit this regretable narrative will repeat itself in the span of few decades.And quite possibly again, and again, “this is […]


As my daughter Julie and her husband Nic prepare for an evening wedding in the city I prepare to manage all three of their kids, under the age of three, single handedly. No. You read that correctly. Calm down I brought wine. As I pull into the drive I realize I’m praying, not only for fortitude, […]


My Enneagram number has changed so many times they’ve asked me to refrain from claiming a personality type. The Enneagram is an ancient tool for self-discovery, they claim there are nine ways of being in the world, and if you know your dominate personality you can confront challenges from a place of strength. At one time […]


I’ve been wearing the apron in my house for thirty-three years, and as you know, an apron is just a cape on backwards. The kitchen is where I danced to Toby Keith, sipped cheap chardonnay, and fantasied about turning a pig’s butt into a Julia Child’s worthy meal. In the early years, cooking was more of […]

It’s the first week of Lent and already I’ve failed miserably. I found myself savoring a crispy piece of bacon before realizing I was eating meat, forbidden on Fridays during the forty some days of Lent, and to make matters worse, it was a garnish on a rather juicy cheeseburger, which I quickly consumed along […]

I watched the movie Arrival twice, the first time I fell asleep, the second time blew my mind. I love the idea of language changing the way we understand time, aliens who are taller than me, and communicate with circular patterns. I think all the hoopla around the recent discovery of seven earth-like planets has […]

I follow the same, excruciatingly predictable pattern, almost daily, traveling from home to work, to home, to mom’s, to home, like a migrating bird, I wonder when my wings will fail? “When you are on a merry-go-round you miss a lot of scenery,” says Neil Diamond. Although I take the same damn roads, I remain neutral, aloof to my surroundings. Sometimes […]

There is something sensual about a winter morning. Don’t you think? How the blanket of fog embraces the voluptuous slope of the mountain, the texture of the light slowly spreading across the shadowed sky, and the promise of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the air. I question my relevance in the presence of such raw beauty. A […]