(Millennial Trigger warning: content might be too revealing, but FOMO is greater, so never mind.) Swipe up if you love Millennials.To understand this new generation, you have to start with the Baby Boomers (BB), used to describe people born between 1946 and 1964. Following World War II, the troops returned home, thankful to have survived […]


When I was five years old my Dad built me my first house. It was a six bedroom, two-story structure, with a shingled roof, and enclosed attic. No garage or fenced yard, but I didn’t care, when I entered that house I was in my own universe.It was a beautiful three 3′ by 2′ dollhouse, […]


It came in the mail today, the large white envelope, the one with the Notre Dame Crest attached to the return address. I refer to it as the package, it’s not that I’ve been dreading it all summer, but it does send me down the hypothetical wormhole, catapulting me from one reality to another. This […]


It’s late May, I’m finishing up my classes at Notre Dame High School, and looking forward to the lazy, crazy days of summer. This is always a bitter sweet time of year for me, as my beloved students head off in new directions, and so do I. Summer is like forcing an update on my operating […]


The sad thing about road trips is when you come across those forsaken little markers, where a person’s life has ended, but you don’t know who, and you don’t know how. Sometimes I use my imagination to fill in the blanks, but this isn’t necessarily helpful, or true. According to the CDC approximately 77,000 pedestrians […]

This is my favorite time of year. The weather outside is crisp and cool, which makes me grateful for the intermittent presence of the sun. It must be the bright illumination juxtaposed with the dullness of the season that draws me into a reflective space. I love to sit in the fall, perched on the […]

I’ve learned a lot from Truman the cat. He has been lounging around our lives for about sixteen years and I have watched this guy get exactly what he wants out of life. We house, feed, medicate, and offer Truman unconditional love. He acts like he’s a guest at the Grand Feline Hotel. Truman might […]

It all started with a drip. Our renter calls to let us know water is dripping from his ceiling. This is a problem because he is located on the bottom floor of a two story unit. Larry runs over, the ceiling is indeed sporting an aggressive drip, which means a pipe has broken inside the […]

I sit at my Grandmother’s desk, with my cold coffee, salty skin, and sweat dried clothing from an early morning boot camp. I try to shut down the verbal brawling of my thoughts in order to find a placid stream of wisdom, flowing with ideas, something that will lead me in a worthy direction. I […]

The business of growing old is like being subject to a greedy landlord, who demands payment whether you’re occupied with yourself, or shielded by mundane distractions. The years roll by, it goes faster than we ever imagined, and we arrived at middle-age compelled to look back while attempting to envision a future. To me, focusing […]