Last week I was all about Ice Cream Theology, living in the moment, enjoying the sweetness of life. Well, that melted. This week I’m fretting (occasionally) over the footprint I’ll be leaving on my children’s mental health after they’re forced to sift through my clutter when I’ve lost the race and I’m six feet under. […]


“To write is human, to get mail: Devine!” Susan Lendroth I didn’t know it would be the last letter I would ever write my Mother, that it would never be delivered, and I would not find it until four years after her death. Have you ever questioned your understanding of time? How it slips by […]


Her number lights up the face of my phone as I slide my finger across the glass to answer the call. “Mom, I think Audrey has an ear infection, I need to run her to the doctor, can you watch the twins for an hour or so?” “Of, course, you can Venmo me later.” “Ha, […]