“Ships have been the most amazing achievement. They’re beautifully constructed. They protect you during a storm. They, in a sense, nurture you, therefore ships are referred to with the feminine pronoun.” Adm. Alan West, British Royal Navy Have you ever been on a ship that’s about to sink? Or had that sinking feeling your ship […]


[A risible reflection for entertainment purposes only, intentionally confounding, read at your own risk.] I wake up, memories flood in, the time, the day, the season, the pandemic, the spike, the roommates, and praise be to God, the smell of coffee. At least I can smell. I tenderly stretch my aching body, yawn, blow my […]


Like it or not, each day begins with a sunrise and ends at sunset, we have little control over how this story begins or ends. As Susy Kassem says, every spark returns to darkness, every sound returns to silence, and every flower returns to sleep, the journey of the sun and moon is predictable, but […]


Is there such a thing as too much time on your hands? Yes, I believe so. And there is also a thing about balancing how you spend your precious time. Larry and I have been spending just about every waking hour together, and I’m discovering things about this man that I never knew, and believe […]


It happened almost twenty years ago, so I can certainly claim ignorance, but it may have well been a stroke of genius. One never knows? Robin Williams said, “you’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Believe me when I say I’m hanging on with both hands. I purchased a weathered black trunk from […]


My husband is a solutionist by nature, but he’s shy, and doesn’t like to talk about it. If you are not familiar with the skill, please read on, because it could come up at a cocktail party, and you’ll thank me later. This all came barreling to the surface when we were recovering at the […]


I started boot camp a few days ago. Let me just repeat, I STARTED BOOT CAMP A FEW DAYS AGO, and I can’t move a single joint without massive, unbearable, waves of pain shooting through my ravaged, anguished, depleted body, leaving me in the uncompromising predicament of not being able to assuage my overwhelming hunger, because a trip […]


Me:  I’m having coffee. Larry: Grunt Me: I can’t hear you? Larry: Scratches his head Me: You think you have lice? Larry: The look Me: I’m sooooo bored! Larry: Eyes remained glued to the computer screen Me: I need a refill. Larry: Grunt, while scratching head Me: (I try a new tactic –deep sexy voice […]