“I live two blocks from where I grew up” Flamingo Drive was actually a spacious culdesac formed by a semi-circle of unique houses, built in the fifties, landscaped with birds of paradise, red bottle-brush bushes, and roses. Giant magnolia, pine, and palm trees shaded the yards. As if fringe on a blanket the cement driveways […]


It’s two in the morning, I can’t sleep, and I’m tired of assuaging my progressively wayward thoughts with futile arguments. Stumbling out of bed, I grab my empty water glass off the nightstand, and head towards the kitchen, noting how my footsteps echo down the quiet hall. Scanning the floor for our undetectable black dog, […]


Life is packed with unexpected gifts, especially when I take the time to listen. I’m thinking about a conversation I had with my mom a few days ago. She recently sold her house in Chehalis, Washington, a place she called home for more than thirty-five years, and she’s moving back to Los Gatos, California. In a […]

I found my old pez dispenser today, I held it in my hand, as years of memories sifted through my mind like sand. I don’t remember why I thought this thing was so cool but clearly owning one was an asset in elementary school. The candy was sub-par but the way it dispersed through the […]

It’s my father’s birthday today. He passed away several years ago but I like to spend time sifting through my memories on the day he came into the world. I remember observing my father from a distance the morning he was scheduled for bypass surgery back in September of 2002… It is a chilly Northwestern morning as […]