Preparation Is Key I knew this chrysalis stage was going to be rough, as if tackling pubescence in your fifties, but I have to admit the unrelenting … My Concept of Beauty Is Aging Well To my readers, I’m traveling this week, visiting my oldest son. So I’m posting an essay I wrote for Navigating […]


On a sauntering walk with friends along the Los Gatos Creek Trail one of my companions says, “I’m having a hard time adjusting to this stage of life.” “How so?” “I don’t think my husband and I fit together the same way we used to?” “Thank God, because I can no longer sleep in the […]


Has your light ever faded? You know what I mean? The wind of contention, even the slightest breeze, comes along, and extinguishes your sense of well being. There you are, fumbling around in the dark, bruising your shin on the coffee table, tripping over trivial things? Which leads to cussing and blaming of the poor soul […]


We had the amazing privilege of visiting Spain during the Thanksgiving holiday. It rose from the untimely observation that only one of our five chicks would be breaking bread with us for Thanksgiving. When Larry discovered his brother’s family was planning a trip to Madrid over the holiday we decided to tag along. I’m sure they […]


I find it interesting and maybe even a little disturbing that my most profound lessons come from embarrassing misdeeds, painful injuries, and diatribes oozing with shame or humiliation or both. Right? As they say to live is to suffer. Or is it the other way around? “I’m so good on hurt,” says Anne Lamott in […]


I came home from work yesterday, frustrated, tired, spent and before I even said hello to the dog or my husband I said, “honey I have to go to the bathroom, pop one, I’ll be needing a large pour, and by the way we’re going out to dinner tonight.” While reclining in the restroom I […]


It has been a long ass day. I’m sitting at the kitchen table fighting the urge to throw my computer across the room. Expectation is the mother of all frustration says Antonio Bandares. Technology can be such a nemesis. I agree with Dave Barry, “user” is the word used by the computer professional when they […]


I woke under the spell of a dream. A dream that left behind emotional residue. Residue from imaginary events not possible, logical, or related but puissant nonetheless. It’s all very perplexing ~ keep reading, I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Pushing myself up from the warm covers, I struggle to remember the smallest fragment of my dream, as […]


It’s late April, I feel the pull of many things in need of my attention, but I’m lethargic. Or maybe I want to be lethargic? Most likely I’m recovering from pneumonia and have become accustomed to lounging in bed. This is a perplexing predicament ~ comfortable, safe, isolated ~ distancing me from not only my […]


I believed in many things when I was young, like you should never eat an apple seed, because obviously a tree would grow in your stomach, or blowing dandelions into the breeze would render your dreams a reality.Thank God some of those wishes landed on rocky ground or I would be married to Donny Osmond, with […]