Is change really possible or is that just an oxymoron? The older I get the more I doubt my ability to significantly alter or even modify my inherently stubborn nature. Isn’t that the most cynical thing you’ve ever heard? What’s wrong with me? I know John Lennon died forty years ago, but it’s December, the […]


I find it interesting and maybe even a little disturbing that my most profound lessons come from embarrassing misdeeds, painful injuries, and diatribes oozing with shame or humiliation or both. Right? As they say to live is to suffer. Or is it the other way around? “I’m so good on hurt,” says Anne Lamott in […]


What is your catnip? This was part of a tweet I read this morning by Joyce Carol Oates and it intrigued me. I started to think about the things that hold my interest, the things I think I can’t live without. It could be the people I love, my phone (although I hate to admit it), a […]