Preparation Is Key I knew this chrysalis stage was going to be rough, as if tackling pubescence in your fifties, but I have to admit the unrelenting … My Concept of Beauty Is Aging Well To my readers, I’m traveling this week, visiting my oldest son. So I’m posting an essay I wrote for Navigating […]


You might think you have everything figured out, you’re batting a thousand, then life throws you a curveball, and no matter how fast or slow it comes at you, you have to decide in a split second how you’re going to manage the play. I tend to bunt. I used to think nothing will ever […]


“Come closer, I want to show you something,” my hands are cupped and I’m leaning down towards a gaggle of unruly grandkids. They gather around, excited, pointing, reaching towards my hands. “What is in there Grammie?” “I want to see.” “Show us.” I make a big show of it, moving slowly, building the anticipation with […]


  Can I tell you about my day? Good, because if I don’t let it out it’s going to escape in some other form, and at my age excessive flatulence is unbecoming. By midday I had written extra strength Tylenol on the grocery list three times. Most of you will agree, sheltering in place is […]


Have you ever played with a pill bug? You know the ones that curl up into a ball and you can roll them around the palm of your hand. I loved them as a kid, they seemed mysterious, and the idea that they could instantly create this protective shell was intriguing to my younger self. […]


Standing in front of Mom’s beautifully organized desk, I find myself unfolding a receipt for a dance class at the local retirement center, it’s country western, and my first desperate thought is can she get her money back? I know, it’s trifling, but honest. This is my go-to defense, focus on the trival, avoid painful […]

Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become. John O’Donohue I’ve been thinking about this quote post Christmas, after the orgy of family, food, drink, presents, gatherings, and layers of memories have been stacked in the closet. Don’t get […]


Living in the GapA paradox of anticipation and fear Will this day grant me the privilege of time Allow the nausea of reflectionTo regurgitate my thoughtsupon the porcelain page I buckle under the weight of unleashed expression Freaked out that my truth has been flushed away Or will my dream gather like lint in the dryer Until solid […]


I have a civil war going on with my ego and sadly I’m losing. Have you ever felt this way? I think we need to rethink the whole stagnant pond thing, because right now placid and calm is appealing, even with the algae. Life would be so much simpler if I allowed my higher self […]


I was daydreaming during my technology workshop today about the most disappointing packages I’ve ever received in the mail. My brain was on overdrive, and I went channel surfing, searching for a little respite. I decided the most disappointing thing I ever received in the mail had to be the ant hill kits I ordered […]